Equipment Annual Servicing, Repair & Rental

When was the last time your equipment was serviced??

 Be sure to bring your equipment in for its annual service.
Most lifetime warranties require this in order to receive parts for free.
Do keep in mind, that service turn-around is about 4 weeks.
Salty Dog Dive Center services most major brands of equipment by our
Certified Technicians.

Rental EquipmentPrice Per DayServiceUnit Price
Complete Wet Suit$18.00Regulators
Wetsuit Jacket$10.00Inspect & Adjust, per stage$15.00
Farmer John$10.00Overhaul, per stage most models$30.00
Regulator w/gauges
Regulator with computer
Tanks & Valves
Hood$5.00VIP & Air Fill$24.95
Gloves$5.00O2 Clean tank & valve$50.00
Tanks (80 cu ft)$10.00Valve, single$20.00
Tanks (100 cu ft)$12.00Valve, double$30.00
Nitrox Tanks (32%)$16.00Tank Tumbling$40.00 
Nitrox Tanks (36%)$16.00BCD Service$25.00
(up to 25lbs.)
Regulator & BCD X 5 days$100.00Rush Fee$20.00
Full Quarry week-end Gear Rental for Students$100.00PLUS PARTS  w/o warranty
2 week turn-around

Rental Policies
All rentals are subject to a 20% cash or credit card deposit
appropriate c-card required
a minimum one day rental fee will be charged
rental fees continue to accrue until property is returned
customer must thoroughly inspect all property before leaving shop
All damages must be noted on rental form
the customer will be held responsible for any items lost, damaged or destroyed
all equipment must be returned clean using the Sink The Stink provided
$20 charge if returned unclean
$15 fee applied to tanks returned empty (<100psi) in tank

 no refund if equipment is not used







Salty Dog Dive Center offers a complete repair facility with factory trained Technicians to service your regulators & dive equipment, and PSI Certified Visual Inspectors to service your tanks.

Master Service Technicians on staff servicing:

Neptune Full Face Mask
Aqua Lung/Seaquest

US Divers
Dive Rite

& more

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