Open Water

Open Water The allure of the ocean. It calls to all of us. Whether from the images in the movies and on television or from the seeds that were planted in our minds by pioneers like Jacques Cousteau, there’s something about the ocean that keeps bringing us back time and time again. Now you can experience this adventure first-hand by becoming a certified PADI Open Water Scuba Diver. Join us and experience what it’s like to be weightless and glide over the ocean’s bottom or to pause and gaze through the 15′ prop on the RMS Rhone in the BVI. To watch rays “fly” past you or watch the peculiar habits of the perch and catfish at a lake. This is scuba diving and there’s nothing else like it on earth.

Module 1Module 2Module 3Module 4Module 5
BuoyancyStaying WarmWhat it's like where we will be divingNitrogen NarcosisMaking Safety Stops
Comfortable Descents and AscentsStreamlining YourselfCare for YourselfDecompression SicknessEmergency Decompression
Breathing UnderwaterBreathing UnderwaterCare for OthersDive Tables IntroductionAltitude Consideration for Divers
Solution Thinking UnderwaterUsing the Recreational Dive PlannerFinding a Minimum Surface Interval
Offshore AdventuresElectronic Dive Planning

Basic Open Water Class $425.00 includes classroom and pool work 

                       ELearning OW $475.00 includes on line class, instructor review and pool work


Private and Semi Private classes available for an additional fee


Salty Dog Dive Center All inclusive
Open Water Certification Package

This package includes everything you need to obtain your Open Water certification. We have assembled this discount package to help interested adventurers make the trek to PADI Open Water certification and begin an exciting hobby where you can explore the many water ecosystems on our planet. Scuba diving is a fantastic, fun hobby that can open worlds that many people can only experience through television. Once you have met the requirements for certification, you will be able to say that YOU are an underwater explorer!
This package includes:
PADI Open Water Certification course materials.
Classroom instruction.
Confined water training
Required personal scuba gear, which includes: mask, fins, snorkel, boots.
4 open water certification dives at Dutch Springs.
All other scuba equipment rentals required for your pool training and open water certification dives, which include: Tanks, air  weights, regulator, gauges, BCD, wetsuit, gloves, hood and gear bag.
PADI Open Water Certification Card
This package does not include:
Admission to Dutch Springs for two days of diving. ($45/day for divers, $39/day for non-divers.)
Transportation to and from Dutch Springs.
Hotel accommodations or camping fees while at Dutch Springs.

Any upgrades from the standard personal dive gear package.

The cost for this discounted package is $925  This represents a total savings of over $100!


Class dates subject to change

Minimum class size 4 students,  Max class size  6 students.


**Minimum class size 4 students…
Maximum class size
6 students**

****Private and Semi-Private Classes Available****
Dates are Subject To Change
Please Call to Reserve 

      Medical Release Required  Prior to Deposit                                                             


For those who already have a trip planned or want to go away to be certified,
classroom and confined water training, $425.00
personal gear and certification is extra.
You must do the academics and confined water training before being able to do the
certifying dives.
Includes the crew pack, (manual, dive tables), and use of
Scuba equipment for confined water training.

We will also provide you with a FREE referral!

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